Captain Crunch Vape Juice

As you probably already hear it in the Streets, the best Captain Crunch Vape Juice in the Vaping industry, I won’t mention the name here but I will link them because we believe that you deserve to try them out yourselves.  You can purchase it here: (Captain Crunch Vape Juice)

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Captain Crunch Vape Juice
Captain Crunch Vape Juice

Here are some Reviews by a Few people who have tried it: (ACTUAL SCREENSHOTS)

“This Juice Tastes And Smells EXACTLY like crunch berries, it is by far the best flavor I have gotten!!! I highly recommend” -Joel



“Smells and tastes just like the milk after a bowl of captain crunch.” – Sean



Again we are excited to be able to give you guys the best of the best here at tune in next time for more incredible e-Liquids.

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More Customer Reviews on this amazing Captain Crunch Vape Juice





Love this juice. Tastes just like captain crunch berries. My favorite of all time!!! Can I get a gallon, please?? lol


Klone Berries 120ml

Love this juice. My favorite by far. Wasn’t expecting to receive 4 30 ml glass bottles. Would have preferred the chubby gorilla plastic droppers. No harm no foul. Still a great juice



Love this flavor!!


Always great

Always great buying from you guys and fast shipping


Never disappointed

Best juice I’ve ever gotten in store and online. I can’t even taste the difference. Not sure what to get bc you’ve been disappointed from juice you got in vape shops? I’d definitely try Klone Berries from CyberLiquids.. taste just like Crunch Berry, I could have it for breakfast every day!! 10/10 would vape

Klone berries

My all-time favorite juice hands down!


Love it

Love it


Kline berries

Kline berries is amazing. My order gets to me quickly and is perfect.


Klone Berries

Always sweet and favorable! Love, love, love it!


Spot on delicious, the only juice I will vape

I order up to 6 – 120ml at a time because of the great deals and great flavors of Cyber! Klone berries are by far the best flavor on the market. The only juice with a corn frosted aftertaste that will make you chain vape to the last drop.