Cafe Royale ( The Best Coffee e-Juice)

From the West to the East, and from the Sky to the Ground, you’d want a round of this incredible coffee, vape juice.  Not only has it helped smokers transition to vaping but it has won award across the globe for its excellent mix. Who wouldn’t want to vape a coffee flavor in the morning or while your at work? This is simply a masterpiece when it comes to coffee, its got hints of French Vanilla and a Slight touch of Cinnamon. “YUM”! It actually reminds me of the Starbucks Vanilla Frappuccino. Not going to Lie after putting in my vape I did not want to put it down, it just felt like a fresh sip of coffee, which I’ve never experience with any other Vapor Juice out there. There’s simply a true fact when it comes to finding the right flavor, if you can’t put it down then we must lift it up and show others. I believe this is probably the best coffee e-Liquid of 2018. Great Job Cyberliquids, I am still a fan and yet to be disappointed in one of their spectacular line of flavors.

Give it a try they have it available in Europe and all over the United States. If you can’t find it in your local shop, ask your local vape shops to order some for you or you can go directly to the Cyber Liquids retail website at and pick some up. They offer free shipping when you order $50 or more on e-Liquid, and they always have great deals for there customers. Here are some more reviews on Cafe Royale by some very happy customers.

Coffee All Day Long ★★★★★ – This is the BEST coffee flavor vape I have ever tried!!! A good coffee vape is so hard to find, & I have looked everywhere. Cyberliquids knocked this out of the park! I got 6mg nic- Perfect IMO. Ordering was easy, got everything I wanted & the shipping time was fast. Will order again & again 🙂 

-Diana S

Do you folks like Coffee ★★★★★ – 100% honest, I love it. It’s one of the best coffee vapes I’ve ever had. It mixes really well with flavors like Vader and whatnot to create a creamy latte sort of thing as well.

-David E.

Cafe Royale – My Favorite Flavor ★★★★★ – I’m a fan of many of Cyber’s juices, but Café Royale is my favorite. It has a good strong flavor….much like a good Cappuccino . It is just awesome first thing in the morning, and delicious all day long. If you arte a coffee lover, you must try this one.

-James S.

There are many more Cafe Royale Reviews for the sake of time and space, we only listed a few to prove that Cafe Royale is the best coffee e-Liquid of 2018, for Coffee flavors. If you guys have never tried Cyberliquids before or bought from their store you can always use coupon code: CYBERNEWBIE and you’ll get money off your order so you can try out their amazing e-Liquid.

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